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Charnock Well Field Restoration

A full restoration of contaminated groundwater wells to supply a sustainable water supply to the city of Santa Monica.

Charnock Well Field Restoration

We were chosen to complete the construction that would re-establish water production from the Charnock Water Wells to the City of Santa Monica water supply. Work was completed through the use of various Union subcontractors to complete the demolition, civil construction, mechanical construction, and electrical construction.


To restore water production, we completed the construction of a water processing system at two facilities owned by the city of Santa Monica: the Charnock Well Field site and Arcadia Water Treatment Plant. 

Scope included:  

  • Demolition of existing water processing equipment, buildings and water storage areas. 
  • Construction of new concrete water storage/processing vessels.
  • Rehabilitation of existing groundwater wells.
  • Installation of greensand pressure filtration; granular activated carbon contactors; chemical feed systems; reverse osmosis water softening system; backup diesel generator; and fluoridation system.