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Black & Veatch Construction, Inc. (BVCI) is a leading engineering, procurement and construction company. We provide union construction solutions for on-time and on-budget project delivery. We tailor our approach to meet your specific needs in construction, project/program management, project controls, procurement and engineering.

Established in 1996 and rooted in the values of our founding company, our industry leading experience ensures the highest performance for the power, water, telecommunications and government markets.

We self-perform construction with a focus on safety, quality, cost, schedule, and client satisfaction. We are an employee-owned company that invests in its professionals through training, knowledge-sharing, and mentoring. This dedication to our employees and the quality of our work enables us to make a world of difference in the communities we serve.



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Safety first—in everything we do

BVCI's mission is to lead the industry in safety performance. We foster a culture of personal accountability at all levels of the company, ensuring the highest standards of workforce health and safety through the following programs:

Our Zero Injuries Today philosophy is built on the belief that working injury free, one day at a time, is an achievable expectation. We provide our professionals top-notch training to enhance and improve our safety culture.

Our Employee Involvement Process (EIP) approach encourages professionals to assume a greater level of responsibility and ownership for health and safety in the workplace. We provide ample opportunities for employees to engage in meaningful conversation to improve daily safety process while promoting active safety participation. 

Union Construction

BVCI is a union construction company, which means that we're signatory to all trades under national and selected local agreements. We use different types of union agreements based on client requirements, project type, and project location.

We are proud of our relationships with the Building and Construction Trades Department and its affiliated International and Local Unions. We work under the following agreements:

National Agreements

  • National Construction Agreement (NCA)
  • National Maintenance Agreement (NMA)
  • General President’s Project Maintenance Agreement (GPPMA)

Project Labor Agreement (PLA)
Other Agreements (Non Building Trades)


BVCI complies with all Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) affirmative action laws and regulations. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, sex, national origin, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, veteran status, pregnancy status or other status protected by law.

Black & Veatch Construction, Inc. self-performs construction with a focus on safety, quality, cost, schedule and client satisfaction.