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We have established building trades union relationships.

We’ve developed strong relationships with building trades unions through labor management committees, industry engagement, and BVCI’s Labor Relations team. We leverage all of these partnerships to ensure project staffing and on-time delivery.

BVCI is committed to communicating and collaborating with building trades unions (NABTU and UBC) to provide a strong, safe, and highly skilled workforce for our clients’ projects and to benefit the future of our industry.

We’re proud to be signatory with all building trades under several key national and project labor agreements that support the needs of the construction industry and provide career opportunities for union members:

  • National Construction Agreement (NCA)
  • National Maintenance Agreement (NMA)
  • General Presidents’ Project Maintenance Agreement (GPPMA)
  • National Wind Turbine Agreement (NWTA)
  • NIA Heavy & Highway Construction Project Agreement
  • Owner Based Project Labor Agreements
  • Regional Council Project Labor Agreements
  • Outside Line Construction Agreements