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Through our world-class strategies and procedures, Black & Veatch Construction, Inc. (BVCI) builds high-performing infrastructure projects with unsurpassed safety and quality.


We’re committed to safety.

BVCI’s mission is to lead the industry in safety performance. We foster a culture of personal accountability at all levels of the company, ensuring the highest standards of workforce health and safety through the following programs:

  • Our Zero Injuries Today philosophy is built on the belief that working injury-free, one day at a time, is an achievable expectation. We provide our professionals top-notch training to enhance and improve our safety culture.
  • Our Employee Involvement Process approach encourages professionals to assume a greater level of responsibility and ownership for health and safety in the workplace. We provide ample opportunities for employees to engage in meaningful conversations to improve daily safety processes and promote active participation.

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We follow our Think, Plan, Act initiative to achieve Zero Injuries Today.™

We’re committed to work environments where safety and health are pre-planned into every task, one day at a time, with a mindset that every injury is preventable. Our goal is zero injuries, and we provide clients and our professionals with the time, equipment and training necessary to achieve it.

Safety is part of our culture. Our professionals take an expansive view of safety, embracing it through all aspects of their work and as a way of living. Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is consistently below industry average.


We know it’s what you don’t see that makes the difference.

Where you see world-class construction, we see opportunities to drive safety, quality and efficiency. BVCI makes the invisible invaluable by consistently implementing these principles on critical infrastructure projects around the globe.

Kurt Druzgal, ESH&S Director, CSP, MS, CHST

Kurt is responsible for overseeing the Environmental, Safety, Health, and Security programs and staff on all BVCI projects. He serves as a coach for all our operations managers. He supports the president of BVCI to continually strengthen our safety culture and reach our safety vision and goals. Kurt has over 20 years of experience in the safety and health field. With a master’s degree in Safety Science from IUP, Kurt has applied his knowledge and skillset to a variety of projects in multiple fields within BVCI. Kurt has worked domestically and internationally, with stints in South Africa and SE Asia.  Get in touch with our Safety Team here.